How long is my Urban Pass valid for?

Your UrbanPass is valid for the whole current summer (until august 31st).

How late can I go to a nightclub for free?

In general, until 2am. For waterfront nightclubs (Shôko, Pacha, Catwalk, Opium) and during the summer season (17th of june to 31st of august), appointments are given every night at the Olympic port at 00.30am, to enter with the whole group. Be on time!

Does my Urban Pass allow me to go to nightclubs free of charge every night?

Your pass allows you to enter night clubs every night, except for special events. Indeed, when a “DJ GUEST” plays, you pay your entrance. However, instead of paying the normal price, you get up to -75% off! All the information will be mentioned on our Facebook page ” Urban Pass “, so remember to follow us regularly on social networks.

Can I use a friend's Urban Pass?

No, all passes are strictly personal. If it is wristband, it must be attached to the wearer’s wrist. If you have a digital pass, it is nominal, and your ID may be asked. Your wristband is made with good material quality, it is your responsibility to take care of it.

How much can I save on average with the pass?

Thanks to Urban Pass, you can save around 60€ in 3 days just with clubs, but the more you use it, the more is worth it ! Moreover, you will save a valuable time.

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