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As its name indicates, it’s a pass that costs just 20€, which provides you significant savings with our partners (bars, restaurants, water-sports, scooter/bicycle, …). In addition, many nightclubs free of charge.

All these partners have been chosen with the greatest care in order to let you discover a selection of the best the city has to offer.

This way, you will get to know the right places without wasting time doing research, while being free to personalize your stay according to your desires.

In many nightclubs, Urban pass will enable you to avoid queues, you will enter directly like a VIP.

Moreover, you will have access to private parties organized by us in exceptional places, such as rooftop parties or pool parties. For more details, have a look in the partners section and follow us on the social networks.

Finally, you are free to plan your activities at your own pace : no need to hurry to use the pass, it’s valid for the whole summer!


To benefit from a discount or a free entrance, all you have to do is present your pass (in the form of a wristband) to one of our partners. You can find all the details of the offers here.

*Only those in possession of a wristband will be able to benefit from the discounts. Accompanying persons not holding the pass will be automatically excluded.


You can pick up the pass from one of our sellers, or by calling us on +34603251282 or on our social medias. The price of the pass is 20 €. It can be used without limits during all the summer, for that, you only have to present your bracelet to the partner concerned.


The company Urban pass is made up of 3 friends who have been based in Barcelona for many years. Previously, we used to organize parties in many clubs in the city. Most of our clients were vacationers or newcomers. Many of them were wasting their time in uninteresting places and often asked us for recommendations: it’s true that it’s long and tedious to plan your entire trip in a city you don’t know very well and you tend to put this task off until the last minute. This is where Urban Pass was born, with the aim of simplifying life for thousands of people and leting them benefit from our knowledge of the places where we live.


Are you looking for a job for this summer but don’t want to spend two months locked in an office?

The job that will not only bring you a salary, but an unforgettable experience !

Don’t miss your chance and join us!

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